Early Bird Pricing ends on 4th March 2018 for the only planned QEA course in England in 2018


Only your beliefs limit what can be achieved!

QEA is a healing and transformation system created by Sifu Andrew Barnett, which includes macro, micro and quantum techniques for improving alignment of the energy and information complex that controls all matter.

It has so far been successfully used to help many conditions including back ache, migraine, headache, tinnitus, loss of hearing, eye issues, neck pains, tension, psoriasis, neurodermitis, scoliosis, blood pressure, depression, burn out, rheumatism, insomnia, diabetes, joint mobility and pains, sciatica, knee problems, shoulder issues, stomach problems, digestion issues, stress, psychological issues, dizzy spells, circulation problems, radiation disturbances, arthritis, fertility problems, menstrual issues ..........

And the list is getting longer almost daily.