Learn the fundamental principles and some essential QEA techniques!

The QEA system has been developed over many years to create fast, profound and lasting transformation and healing at all levels of existence.

QEA is a “living system”- a dynamic system that has continued and will continue to develop as/when new methods are discovered and developed.

At the time of writing this (June 2016), the book describing the QEA system is about one third written. The book is not being designed as a teaching tool. However, for those who learn QEA from me, the book will become a useful reference manual. It will also be an information source for those interested in the system whether they wish to learn it or not.

Although the book will likely encompass somewhere between 250 and 400 pages in total, it will still not cover 100% of the system. How can it when so much is skill and intuition rather than technique based? And that’s the point: Techniques can be learnt and applied; skills and intuition need to be developed through practice. It’s like driving a car, playing a musical instrument or swimming: you can read about the techniques from a book but applying them skilfully is a completely different matter! If you learn the skills from a great teacher, though, they can be developed quickly and safely.

That’s what the QEA course modules are designed for! Learning and developing the skills required to help others experience life-changing transformation.

What participants will learn at the course are skills and not just techniques. The course modules contain all of the necessary background information and theory, of course. But they remain practically oriented as far as possible. I want those who learn QEA from me to be skilled enough to use the methods successfully and safely.

During the courses, there will be plenty of opportunity for practice as well as Q&A.

This first module is “QEA Essentials” where the foundations are laid for the successful integration of QEA. Participants will begin to understand why I say:

Only your beliefs limit what can be achieved!” 

Date and Location:

24th & 25th March 2018 - Surrey University, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Who for?

This course is for everyone curious to learn and understand the basic principles and essential methods used in QEA to create fast, lasting and profound transformation.


None except an open mind!


This course will be taught in English.


09:00 to 17:00 (including breaks)


Normal rate   525 GBP
Early Bird (registration and payment by 4th March 2018)   480 GBP
Reduction for repeaters   50 GBP

For registration or further information:

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Terms of Cancellation:

  • For cancellation of registration 14 days or more before the course begins, a 30 GBP administration fee will be charged
  • For cancellation of registration 13 days or less before the course begins, a refund of 50% of the paid course fee will be given
  • For cancellation or non-attendance on the day of the course, no refund is possible