The QEA system works on the basic principle that everything is built up of energy and information. This theory is agreed upon in scientific circles.

  • If everything is only a complex combination of energy and information then, in theory, adjustment of one or both of these components can bring profound change.
  • By bringing the energy and information components into their optimum alignment, the QEA theory states that ultimate health could be achieved.
  • The QEA system is designed to work on all three levels of scale:
    • Macro - the physical body and energy systems normally viewed and treated by conventional and oriental medical systems, although only the latter is probably really considered macro as it views the entire human (or animal) holistically and not, as is common in the conventional medical circles, in a reductionist fashion (i.e. each component is considered individually and not as part of a whole complex system)
    • Micro - the level between the holistic and the sub-atomic. Whilst maintaining the holistic, systematic view of the human, we move the level of alignment down to finer and more precise adjustments.
    • Quantum - the level at which the smallest possible alignment adjustment can achieve the greatest possible change.
  • As everything is just a complex combination of energy and information, changes and optimisation can be achieved in all areas of health: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and even supra-physical
  • The QEA system includes
    • Therapeutic methods that require a skilled therapist
    • Self-help methods that can be learnt and applied by almost anybody
    • Maintenance principles and exercises to prevent future misalignment of the energy/information complex

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