Questions and Answers about QEA – Quantum Energy Alignment?

Q: Can you please explain more about the change principle in QEA?

A: The change principle is very simple at its basic level. If you want something different to the reality you (the Client) are currently experiencing, change has to occur. In fact, if you consider it, our entire life is just a series of drawn out changes and change processes!

QEA is designed to create and facilitate change processes that help, ultimately, the experience of a different reality. The changes that occur can be experienced in all aspects of life -- so not limited to health! I have, for example, had Clients who have suddenly (out of the blue) received new job offers, pay rises or even found new appartments after having search fruitlessly for months (or longer). Relationships also often change with family, friends and at work.

Change is a process - one that can be created, enhanced, directed and conciously influenced. This is also a key point. Experience has shown that the processes vary in duration, depth and intensity. Some processes complete in a fraction of a second and are extremely profound (such as scoliosis disappearing or frozen joints regaining 100% mobility in the blink of an eye). Some take a few weeks.

So, simply put, all QEA has to do is to initiate a process to change the root causes of a situation and then allow the situation to change. Situation, here, can be any aspect of a perceived reality.

What is Remote Healing?

Remote Healing is the performance of a healing session without the physical presence of the Client.

Does that mean you can’t see the Client, hear or touch them during the session?

Yes and no! Sometimes the sessions are run via Internet Video Communication (e.g. Skype) that allows me to see and hear the Client. On other occasions we do this by phone so I have at least audio contact. Often, though, the remote sessions are performed without and traditional connection.

How can you run a healing session without any “traditional” connection to the Client?

QEA works on the basic principle that everything is a complex of energy and information. As we all know, energy and information can be transferred at (or even faster than) the speed of light. We experience this every day when looking at the light of day generated by our sun or just when listening to the radio, watching TV or surfing on the internet.

In fact the internet comparison is possibly the easiest analogy to work with. The internet is a massive number of computers all connected together in a kind of highly complex matrix. It is possible for every connected computer in the world to communicate and exchange data with every other computer. If a computer is set up correctly, it is also possible for a remotely situated computer to take control of the local computer and then, with its permission, perform maintenance tasks and diagnostics.

With QEA Remote Healing, the Client is the local computer and I am the remote computer with connection, permission and capability to perform maintenance and diagnostics tasks without, however, taking control of the Client!

How long does a QEA Remote Healing session last and what does the Client have to do?

The sessions last between just a few minutes and more than an hour. It all depends on the needs of the Client. For the short sessions (which are normally repeated several times over a period of several weeks or even months), the Client doesn’t need to do anything. They don’t even need to know when the session is taking place. This type of session works on the principle of cumulative effect and is best suited to chronic conditions needing intensive treatment.

For the longer and more intensive sessions, the Client needs to remain quiet and relaxed throughout the agreed time-slot of the session. The only exception here is if I have audio and/or video connection. Then we are working closer to a standard session with the Client and I in the same room.

I live a long way away, will this still work?

Distance makes no difference for the Remote Healing! I have already successfully treated Clients in Asia, North America, etc.

Do you have questions about QEA. Then please write to us!

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