Questions and Answers about QEA – Quantum Energy Alignment?

Q: What does "Quantum" in Quantum Energy Alignment mean?              

The dictionary meaning of Quantum is:

1. (Atomic Physics)

a. the smallest quantity of some physical property, such as energy, that a system can possess according to the quantum theory
b. a particle with such a unit of energy

2. amount or quantity, especially a specific amount

3. (often used with a negative) the least possible amount that can suffice: e.g. there is not a quantum of evidence for your accusation.

4. something that can be quantified or measured

5. (modifier) loosely, sudden, spectacular, or vitally important

So there are, in fact, multiple meanings. More often than not, people colloquially use Quantum to mean something massive (e.g. a quantum leap). However, the quantity correctly associated with Quantum would be minutely small. In QEA, Quantum has connotations in both of these definitions.

How can that be?

Good question. By making a miniscule change (minutely small = Quantum), a massive and profound effect (massively large = Quantum) can be achieved.

That sounds like a paradox!

Yes and no! In the one sense we are using Quantum in its physical (i.e. physics) meaning and in the other sense we are using it in its colloquial meaning.

That’s cheating, isn’t it?

Not at all! At the end of the day, this is about creating deep, profound and lasting change. There is, of course, another aspect. And this is the possible connection of QEA to quantum physics, quantum consciousness, quantum mechanics etc.

How is QEA related to quantum physics and the like?

Without going into too much science, quantum physics has demonstrated the so-called “observer effect”. This basically means that the act of observing something can/does change the observed in some way. One of the most famous examples of this is the so-called “double-slit” experiment whereby an electron’s behaviour could be demonstrated to be that of a wave or of a particle purely depending on how it was observed.

So, in theory, the human consciousness can change what it observes merely by observing. This principle is also part of the theoretical explanation of the function of one of the most important QEA methods know as Zero Pointing.

What is ZPC - Zero Point Connection?

This is one of the key methods at the quantum level of QEA. I shorten the term to Zero Pointing for convenience. So how does it work?

The Zero Point is a “place” with infinite potential and zero momentum. It’s like having a battery with infinite charge that isn’t connected to anything (yet). Thus, there is no electrical current flowing and, therefore, no “work” is done.

Through my experimentation, I have been able to locate this Zero Point. It is, in fact, not just a point but a multi-dimensional field. Correctly, then, it should probably be called the Zero Point Field. By accessing this Zero Point Field and applying very little direction to it, a massive momentum can be generated. This momentum can cause massive and profound change in an instant.

Interestingly, the Zero Point Field doesn’t really like having momentum. It seems to like being infinitely powerful, but is too lazy to work. So, given the opportunity, it likes to return to the Zero state (where it was before we pushed it) as quickly as possible. This way, the changes created by the momentum generated tend to remain stable.

Where the Zero Point Field is, how to find it, how to access it and how to provide this directional movement to utilise it, however, are things that will be dealt with in some detail in my new book and in greater detail during the training sessions being planned.

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