Questions and Answers about QEA – Quantum Energy Alignment?

Q: No effect without side-effect or why conventional medicine has difficulty to accept what can be achieved by QEA

Something often repeated is that there cannot be an effect of a treatment without a side-effect. So, if any therapies do not cause undesired effects (so-called side-effects), a conventional medical practitioner can often not accept that any effect is actually taking place.

Now, with the use of medication, I am quite happy believe that there is no effect without side-effect. So many of my Clients come to me with a list of medication they are required to ingest daily. More often than not, only one or two of the listed medications are actually to treat the symptoms for which they went to their doctor. The others (I have seen up to 12 medications on these lists – 6 or more is common) are mainly there to counteract the side-effects of the main medication.

Instead of a couple of tablets a day, suddenly a long list is required. In many cases, I sincerely doubt that the interaction between all of the drugs in this complex cocktail has been researched to establish the true side-effects.

Imagine there would be another way, though. A way that does not generate any known undesired effects. Wouldn’t that be great?  Since QEA was created, we have not recorded any undesired effects that last longer than a few days. These effects are mostly signs of relieving key and often deep-rooted problems and issues.

QEA has been designed in such a way that any and all changes caused by its application are always for the ultimate good of the Client. Sounds good, doesn’t it!

By the way, this does not mean that QEA replaces professional medical advice or treatment in any way!


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